Special Purpose Appraisals

Special Purpose Appraisals

We offer a wide variety of appraisals throughout The Edmonton and Calgary area – from going concern, blended business, liability only values, or property valuations. Need an appraisal you won’t be disappointed with? Click on the button below to get in touch with our professional team today!

Tax appeal appraisals


At One Step Appraisals our professional consultants can assist you in understanding the valuation parameters, legislation and tax policy that will drive each property’s assessment and tax liability.

We will provide sensible recommendations and a professional cost-benefit analyses to help facilitate decisions being made throughout the tax appeal process, including negotiation and litigation. Our positive relationships with local assessment authorities and government representatives ensures that you have the best possible chance of reasonable assessments, successful appeal procedures and timely access to refunds.

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Litigation Preparation

As a part of litigation support, at One Step Appraisals we conduct a review to assist your legal representation with an in depth evaluation of the pertinent documents to prepare for a case.

Our certified and licensed appraisers are fully trained and experienced to provide expert  court testimony to assist in a fast & successful settlement in disputed real estate cases. 

As your personal expert real estate appraisal team we will provide an efficient, defensible, coherent report, communicating all pertinent financial intricacies to the fact finder.

We can consult with you and offer advise to you about the  power of an appraisal presented by both parties in the dispute, supported by additional research and analysis to support or discredit assumptions or conclusions.